For anyone coming across BitBucket problems

Hey everyone,

I recently came across a Bitbucket problem, where it would tell me I have no authorization; even though I entered the right password and my username was correct. If you come across this similar problem, I’ve list some steps below to help you out. The reason you are coming across this problem is because of a glitch.

  1. Go to your Bitbucket online account and look under “Repositories”. Check to see if the repository you are trying to push is listed under there.
  2. If it isn’t there, go back to your Alpha Course and try to “Fork” the repository again. Since you forked it once, the green button may say “Submit” instead. If you are able to fork the repository successfully, you should receive an email that states that you have authorization.
  3. It should work now. Try pushing your repository again.
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Thank you for the help! I will be looking into why this is only affecting some users. There should not really be a way to fork the repository again after you have successfully forked the first time because as you said the button should change to submit.