First Project issue with Atom


In the A Ruby Project Section I followed the steps below:

Run bundle install to install the Ruby gems
Run bundle exec rspec --color to test your code.

Then I open atom and correct the code. When I run bundle exec rspec --color again it is still running the old code even if the changes are saved in atom.

How do I correct this? Any help would be great!


Hey Mallik,

I’m not sure exactly what the issue could be other than not saving or not working on the correct file. I notice in the screenshot that the file is not saved so please double check that saving is not the issue when you get a chance. I can tell by the blue dot at the top of the tab in Atom. Code looks great!

If for some reason the project was cloned twice or something of that sort it is possible that you are working on one file but running specs on another. This is my only thought as to why the specs would not be running against your newly saved code. If you are still having issues please let me know. Thanks!