Final, Double-Check HTML CSS Assessment grid/@media needed?

Hello all! Thank you so much for all of the help with all of the feedback you have all posted. They were an enormous help. I have double checked spelling as well as have run it all on chrome and feel like my form and card are ready to go but am always looking for feedback to make sure I have not messed up.
I’ve attached all of my CSS and html.

They meet all of the requirements, but I did not end up using the grid functions with the form in CSS and want to make sure I’m not in the wrong.

Thanks for the help!

Capture css 2

Watching this thread for answers. I feel like I actually learned more reading your finished code than I did trying to look for answers online!

Currently doing the card portion now, if you’re down for some questions I’d love some help.

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That’s funny, I’m currently waiting to see if mine is correct before I submit, but the forum helped me figure out most of the setup. I’m currently working on Git while I wait for responses but am happy to help if I can.

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Looks like you both passed! Well done!