"FF..F.F.FF...FFFF" When I run RSPEC

When I run RSPEC for Data Structures, I get the following message in my terminal: “FF…F.F.FF…FFFF”

Anyone have any idea what this means? Nothing else appears–just that.

I’m new to this myself, but I think each character in that “FF…FF…” string represents an individual RSPEC test. If it passes, you get a “.” and if it fails you get a “F”. So that string seems to mean you passed eight of the tests and failed the others.

Why you’re not getting a more detailed error message is a question for wiser individuals than myself to answer.

J_Gary told you how to interpret the string of Fs and periods. As to why you aren’t getting any more output than just that string, I do not know. But, as debugging steps, have you run bundle install? Does running the rspec tests in other parts of the prep work work as expected?

As a test, try downloading the zip file for the code at issue again. Extract it somewhere different than before, the in the terminal cd to that new directory. There, run the command

bundle install --path vendor/bundle

This will do the install thing but only to the local directory in which you are working. Once that is done, run rspec as usual:

bundle exec rspec

If that works where it does not work in your original directory, I’d begin to suspect that something is broken in whatever was installed by your system wide

bundle install

OTOH, if it doesn’t work in your newly extracted version with the vendor/bundle install then I am out of debugging ideas that can be done remotely. You need a wizard or at least someone in the same room as your computer :slight_smile:

Hope that helped, at least to rule things out. Good luck.


Hi Brian-

Can you point me to anywhere that explains the actual mechanics of installing RSPEC? Just to illustrate my confusion with two random examples: each of the tutorials linked below uses a different set of commands than the AA course’s to install RSPEC (and neither seemed to work on my machine, although perhaps that’s because I had RSPEC already installed.)

Hi J_Gary,

I’m a linux user. I found a package ruby-rspec in my distribution’s repositories and installed it via my package manager. I’m not able to say what a Mac person (or a Windows person) would have to do.