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Failed Git Assessment

Hello Everyone, I need help about the Git assessment.

Attached is my result:

Does this mean that my order of img tags in the HTML file is wrong? In my final “master” branch after merging I have img stag-beetle.jpg as first and img joseph-roulin.jpg as second. But the solution is reversed. The solution has the latter as first and the former as second. Is this the problem? I maybe made some mistakes when merging?

Hi Huan,
You are definitely correct in interpreting your diff. You have the correct images, but the wrong order of your image tags in the master and together branch. It is difficult to say how you ran into this error without seeing all of the commands you used, but this may be related to a merge conflict and how you resolved it.

At this point you can just correct the tag order in both branches. Make sure you stage and commit the changes in each branch, and double check your work, before you submit.

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Dear Jesse,

Thank you for the reply! Should I delete the branches together and master and remerge them? Or start over the whole assessment? What do you recommend?

Best regards,
Huan Ai

No, it shouldn’t be necessary to start over or delete entire branches. You can just open the existing assessment, and checkout each branch that needs corrections, and manually rearrange the image tags. The auto-grader will be looking at the contents of the file, not the specific git commands you used along the way, so it is fine to manually make the changes and then commit the changes to each branch individually.

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