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Explanation onto why the difference in code for Startup.rb

So I was finishing up the startup program, and I came across this problem in starup_spec.rb line 153:
describe “#pay_employee” do
it “should accept an Employee instance as an arg” do
startup_1.pay_employee(“Scooby”, “CEO”))

So, I declared the Employee class as an arg in the method pay_employee as such:

def pay_employee(some = @employees)
(since i previously defined the @employee hash as lines before this)

I compile it and it worked fine, didn’t get any errors, so I move on and complete the project. But as soon as I download the solution to go over my code, I see that they wrote:
def pay_employee(employee)

My question is, why the difference, did it not ask us to define Employee as an instance, why does the solution show something different?