Expectations for Maze Solver

Hi all,

I just got to the maze solver. Now, while I was able to put together an (ugly) breadth first search solution on my own, I was left pretty puzzled on how to implement an A* solution, so I downloaded the solution to see how it could be done.

And let me tell you, there’s no way I could have created a solution like the one I downloaded. Not right now anyways. Is that the level we’re supposed to be at by this point? Because I feel like that’s a pretty big step up from the tic tac toe I made not too long ago lol.

I guess what I’m wondering, is what I’m expected to be able to do at this point, and what I should do here to get the most out of my experience? Should I toil on maze finder until I have something similar, or should I just look at the solution, copy it down, try to understand it, and move on?