Exercises folder

Hi there,

I just got to RSPEC in the Heroku app. My environment installation went fine but I don’t remember being prompted to download an exercises folder. Should I download the exercises on the a/A Github +/or can you give me the correct link?

I know the Heroku app is new and some things seem to be out of their previous order (content referencing future content that I cannot see yet).


I believe from the herokuapp website, there should be a green button in the bottom right corner with the word “Fork”. When you click on it, there’s a popup that comes up with instructions on how to clone from bitbucket.

Hi Rachel,

Apologies for the late response, I have been out sick. You are correct in noticing that the mentioning of an exercises folder is deprecated content. This task will be removed and any broken links corrected. Please continue working through the Alpha Course and let me know if you hit any road blocks.

Once again just to be clear, there is no such thing as an exercises folder, all projects are downloaded using the fork button and git commands in Terminal as mentioned by Mr. Kim. Thanks!