Everything was successfully installed except Atom


I was installing all the dot files and everything seems fine,
except Atom. I got a message saying that Atom cannot installed, even though all my other installed were successful. Can someone help me figure out what the issues may be? Thanks!

This is likely due to errors installing npm. If you are able to continue through the Alpha Course, then we will tackle this javascript problem after your first day at App Academy. The Alpha course is all in Ruby so as long as you can bundle install and run rspec you should be good to go! Thanks.

Sounds good! I will wait until later then. Thank you Kevin!

Hello Kevin,

I am not sure if it’s related
But after i clone my the git from bitbucket to my local computer,
I tried to run “atom .”
and it says bash command not found.
Can you kindly help me out with this?

Hello Kevin,

I realized my atom weren’t really installed and I reinstalled the whole package.
And everything works fine now!

Thanks again for your help!