Error when trying to run RSPEC on 'Data Structure Exercises'

I am getting the following error bundler: failed to load command: rspec (/usr/local/bin/rspec). I am in the file with the gem file. I have already successfully ran bundle install. I just did the ‘Method Exercises’ in the same way and had no problems running the RSPEC…

Would love any ideas…


Is there any other error message along with this ?
Usually if rspec failed to load, its possibly because there is a syntax error in your file. Double check the file you just edited to see if there are any syntax errors (usually there is a missing “end” or something) that is stopping rspec from loading.

thanks will check. That is helpful info!

I think that fixed it. Is there some reason rspec output is sometimes colored and sometimes not? There was no red colors shown, or green.

If you want to see it with color every time just add --color to the end of your command

bundle exec rspec --color
bundle exec rspec spec/spec_file.rb --color

Its just a command line thing, the color helps you visualize but otherwise there’s no difference between the colored and uncolored outputs