Error message mkdir prep-work: Read-only file system

When i run command mkdir in mac os to create the prep-work folder, it gives me an error message mkdir prep-work Read-only file system. The only plausible solution, I found was to run the command csrutil disable to disable my Mac’s system integrity protection temporarily, to enable the mkdir command to execute. I am afraid that doing this would open my computer to external vulnerabilities. I was hoping this directory can be created through Visual Studio? Is a safe and better way around this?

Hi, @frankSbot! First off … welcome to the community! Good to have you around. :wave: :handshake:

Second … do you know where you were trying to create the directory? If you’re in your home directory … it certainly shouldn’t be a read-only file system.

However, if you happened to get down into your system directory, or perhaps onto a read-only thumb drive, or any other number of areas … it’s possible that you bumped into a read-only area.

I think in order to answer your question, we’ll need to know where you were trying to create your directory at.

Thank you bryan ray for responding. I finally figured it out. I was erroneously trying to create it from a sub directory, so when I changed to the home directory, i was able to create it successfully and move on from there. Thanks again.

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