App Academy

Erica - Oct 22 SF

Hi all, I’m Erica and I recently moved to Berkeley from Brooklyn to do App Academy. My previous career was nannying, so not much coding experience, but I studied Human-Computer Interaction (UI/UX stuff) for an unfinished grad degree. For fun I do medieval recreation (focusing on Finnish Iron Age) including painting, tablet weaving, and wire working.


Awesome! Looking forward to meet you. I’m also in the in the class. Aloha :call_me_hand:

Hi Erica, I’m Sai. I graduated in India and came to US in 2011. I will be in the same cohort as you and looking forward to be coding with you!

Hi all im Sheri Helton I actually am getting ready to sign up for summer classes up at Akron U in computers my mom is a Network Admin and said there is nothing safer or better than making your own and Lenux is it so here I am!