Environment Setup Issues

Hi, I followed the instructions in the environment setup section and everything seemed to work as expected. However, every time I close the terminal, reopen it and type ‘which ruby #’, I get ‘/usr/bin/ruby’ and I am unable to run ‘bundle install’ command. If I redo the installation process, it starts working temporarily until I close the terminal. How can I fix this issue?

Hi @Marinela,

The bundle install command will only work when it finds a gemfile in it’s directory, so you need to run it from one of our project folders. It uses the bundler gem to install whatever gems are listed in the gemfile locally to the project folder. Can you let me know if this solves your issue? If not, we can troubleshoot the installation process.

Thanks for your reply. I am running it from the project folder where the gemfile is located. I get “-bash: bundle: command not found”. If I do the installation every time I open the terminal, it works correctly. However, as soon as I close the terminal, it no longer recognizes the command.