Environment Setup for Alpha Course

I am working on the environment setup for the Alpha course and tried running the
git config --global color.ui true and got the error warning: unable to access ‘/Users/adikan/.config/git/config’: Permission denied

Should I just continue with the next few few steps to add global user info? Is it safe to continue on with the other installation steps?

Hi adikan,

You can try git config --global color.ui auto instead although prettifying your terminal is not super important. You can definitely continue the next steps and set up your global user info. Make sure git is installed on your computer. You can use this command to check: git --version. Let me know if you are still having any problems.

Michael Ruan

Hello mi-ruan,

Thanks so much for the help! I ran the command and got back git version 2.14.3 (Apple Git-98).
I have another question as well: should I have got back something when I ran the commands git config --global color.ui true, git config --global user.name “your name here”, and git config --global user.email your_email_here? Or is there any way to confirm that those commands were successfully executed? Thanks again!

You do not get anything back when you enter those command. If you want to see the result, just type in git config color.ui, git config user.name, or git config user.email to double check.

Sounds great. Thank you so much for all the help! I really appreciate it