Dual-Booting Linux on a Windows Computer for Beginners

Hello, I have a Windows Laptop and don’t plan on purchasing a MAC. Will dual-booting my windows laptop with Linux cause any performance issues on my laptop? Would you recommend I stop taking the course until I purchase a MAC?

If not, I would really appreciate some detailed guidance on how to dual-boot my windows laptop with Linux so I can continue with the course. I’m a beginner that isn’t familiar with the terminal commands.

Thank you

Hi @glong,

I currently use a Ubuntu/Windows10 dual boot with no issues!

I used this tutorial to help me get started: https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/tutorial-install-ubuntu-desktop

I would also recommend getting used to looking up multiple sources and guides as you’ll be developing your tech troubleshooting skills much quicker than your MacOS peers.
These sites should have some good info on how to dual boot as well: