Double checking my work before I turn in for the second time

I completed the HTML/CSS a couple days ago and turned it in and got an 8/12. I’m not really understanding where I went wrong on two of the bullet points, however. They stated " has exactly one input with a name of ‘pet_name’ and an associated label with the content ‘Name’, and "has exactly one ‘select’ element with a name of ‘pet_type’ and an associated label with the content ‘Type’ I thought what I put was correct, but it’s clearly not. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?
I tried reading a couple other peoples posts, but didn’t see anything.
I’ve included screen shots of my HTML

Hello, and welcome to the forum!
I looked at your submission, and you were incorrectly associating the input with the label for both of those inputs.

However, your submission didn’t match what you posted on here, so it looks like you may have made the changes already. If not, then it’s possible you submitted an earlier version of your assessment. Double check how you are associating inputs with labels, and then make sure you save the file before committing the changes.

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I think that’s actually exactly what I did. Thank you for you for answering!

No problem! I often see people committing changes before hitting save, so the latest updates sometimes don’t make it into the submission. Always good practice to double and triple check!

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