Do you guys watch the walk through?

Do you guys watch the walkthrough all the way? I tend to skip them if I didn’t have any difficulty with the exercises. I just check the solutions and compare it to my code. I’m wondering if I’m missing anything important from skipping the walkthroughs

I will watch them even if I didn’t have difficult with the problem because occasionally they do give good info like commonly made mistakes, two approaches to the solution, etc.

I also like to just listen to how he talks himself through the process because it helps me learn to think like a programmer.
I don’t often think of the big picture to small and tend to get stuck on harder problems because of it. Listening to the walk throughs helps me learn a new way of thinking these problems through.

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I always watch them coz I’d like to learn how to talk about the code too.

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I just came up with a great example for you. (You may or may not have passed it already)

In the map and select module there is a problem called “Yell Sentence”, after the previous problems, I really breezed through solving this particular code. I watch the solution explanation like Ewa said to simply “learn how to talk about the code” and he not only explained the problem but ways to condense your code even more.

Hope this helps you. Remember there is always the x2 playback speed.

I totally agree with you, sometimes even if I already know how to solve it, I’m still having a hard time solving it with other approach. And watching the instructor solves the problem, gives me more ways/approach on solving the problem on my own. Just giving my thoughts on it, maybe it can help others. :slight_smile:

I personally always watch, and not necessarily for the actual solution/the code itself as if you get to the video is cause you’ve submitted a passing solution but to see how Alvin thinks about the problem at hand and tackles the problem, love how elegant ruby is and how effortless he makes it look. So much to learn.