Disabling "One Task at a Time" Modal Window

The “One Task at a Time” modal window that says “Complete all previous tasks to view this task” doesn’t allow me to freely move around in the curriculum. Is there a way to disable it?

I’m stuck at RSPEC Practice 2 because I don’t know the topic material (blocks, closures, yield, loops). I want to complete the Blocks & Iteration section first so I can understand how to complete RSPEC Practice 2 but I currently can’t access any section beyond RSPEC Practice 2.

Please let me know what I should do in order to continue on in the curriculum. Thank you!

I understand from other posts that the out of order curriculum is being corrected for future implementations of the alpha course but what about for us on this implementation? I’ve spent countless hours Googling concepts and trying to sift through resources to explain things.


you can still submit the code and move on like I did. the go back when you are ready. Except later on there is an “assessment test -1” which you need to pass all specs in order to move to next task.

@david I can’t imagine they expect us to work through a broken curriculum. I haven’t received a response yet but I’m confident they’ll fix the issue soon. I plan on following up with App Academy SF to see if I can get a response out of them since the "online@appacademy.io" email doesn’t work for me.

@sywu.us Your suggestion might get me through RSPEC but the part I want to access (Blocks & Iteration) is all the way at the end of the curriculum so I’m not sure if I can just bypass all the lessons/quizzes to get there.

@kevin Are you able to assist with this issue?

If you’ve done jumpstart then the rest was nothing but the same materials covered in jumpstart. You can gain access to blocks & iterations in no time. If you had done the factor, power , multiply from rspec 1 then you should be able to understand what the specs were asking for. Also try :


yield self – after passing to the block, it should return something if there is arg in the block
{ | “yield” | arg }

print these items and play around with it
good luck !!

please correct me if I am wrong

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Yeah, I just powered through to figure out all of the RSPEC Practice stuff. Which goes through blocks and classes and hashes and everything. And NOW they want to teach me the definition of a method?? Are you kidding me? I could have really used the teaching on some of that stuff. It was insanely hard and time consuming to figure all that stuff out on my own.
That’s the whole point of enrolling in a bootcamp, so that I don’t have to waste so many hours looking in the wrong places for answers and having every random programmer on the internet be my teacher.

Why did they ship this CLEARLY broken program?

@sywu.us So you’re suggesting skipping the RSPEC section by pretending to complete it then working through the rest of the course, and then going back to complete the RSPEC section? Wouldn’t it make more sense if the course was ordered in that way, then? We shouldn’t have to “skip” sections if the course wants us to work through it “one task at a time”. I see what you’re saying though and I think that’s what I’ll end up having to do if App Academy is unable to fix the Alpha Course soon.

@kevin I think there’s a lot of confusion and frustration going on about the current order of the Alpha Course. Can you help address our concerns?

@jasmineflorencio Do you have the link and login credentials for the App Academy piazza.com forum? When I got stuck on some of the RSPEC things it helped me a lot. There is way more content there than this new forum.

The Chris Pine “Learn to Program” book was also a lifesaver in getting through it. The good news is that once you get through the RSPEC problem sets it feels like you almost died biking up a huge hill and then you get to whizz down the other side afterwards because the course completely flips by starting over at basic concepts. But yes, totally agree that it needs to be restructured.

And new practice problems that were not in JumpStart for Enumerables and Hashes would be great as I drilled them so much in JumpStart my subconscious takes over and I am not even thinking about the problem solving.

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Hey Everyone,

Apologies for my absence, I have been working hard to get the code updated for the App Academy Online application. The big change for the alpha curriculum features will be removal of the step by step process allowing you to get to any content you would like at any time. This will go live tomorrow morning.

We also have a curriculum manager who will be taking charge of reordering the curriculum and updating the content. We have been reading everyone’s feedback and the first thing we will do is put the rspec projects after the content describing how to more easily complete the rspec projects.

@jasmineflorencio I’m so sorry for the frustration this has caused. Please let me know if I can help you with any particular Ruby aspects about blocks, closures, yields or loops.

@sywu.us Thank you for mentioning the JumpStart curriculum. This content can be accessed on gitbooks: step-1 and step-2 by anyone and should help with basic Ruby concepts.

@trevorstorey I’m sorry for the frustration caused by having to sift through the web of information out there. I know this can be a nightmare, as I have to do it all the time while engineering on App Academy Online. Please note that the full-time course is a completely polished, constantly updated curriculum and you will have full access to several experienced TA’s. The alpha course is designed to help students get some practice in before day 1.

@rachelmoore The new curriculum manager will start immediately reordering the curriculum and adding some new problems for better practice. I will look into making Piazza access available but soon all students will be moving to Discourse.

Thank you for your patience everyone!

Hi @kevin, I was just reading through this thread and wondering if any progress has been made in updating the order of the alpha curriculum? I too am really struggling with the RSPEC stuff, yield/self et al. are very new to me and I’m finding myself also spending hours trying to search for answers from google to no avail… Other than submitting broken code solutions, is there a way to skip this section and move on?
Maybe more importantly, is there a resource/reading that can help me get through this section with RSPEC?
Thanks in advance!!