Digital Logic question on Inputs and Outputs

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Boolean Logic and Digital Logic Project 2


In the screenshot I’ve included, you see that the inputs are 0, 0, 0, and 1 from top to bottom and then the output is 0. Does it matter what are inputs are for the answer? Because in some cases the output would change to 1 if you changed the inputs, correct?

Basically, are the inputs they show in the answers fixed (do they matter?), or are they just for example sake? In other words, are they asking for a specific output (true or false)?


Hey Raj,

Nice to meet you! Did you ever figure this out? I posted the same question before realizing you had posted it already.

Hi @joneillbutler. It doesn’t matter the inputs/outputs that you put in your answer. The function is derived from a truth table so as long as you simplified the function from the truth table and Kmap correctly (and drew the correct logic circuit) then if you plug in any of the inputs (rows corresponding to variables) from the truth table, it should give you the output of the Function (column F in truth table). Make sense? Let me know if I need to clarify further…

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