Difficulty with Homebrew

I am following the directions set forth to us on the video “Installing Homebrew and Xcode”. However, when I go to hit enter after I copy and paste the homebrew link into my terminal, I get the error code shown in my image attached. What should I do differently? Thank you so very much for your time and help!

Hi! Welcome to the Forum!
From the screenshot, it looks like you started your command with the $, which is already in your terminal prompt. As you go through the curriculum, you’ll notice that the commands start with this symbol, but you need to copy everything beyond the symbol, not the symbol itself.

Try this command, and let us know how it goes: (all one line)

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install.sh)"

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Hello! Thank you so much for your advice! This is what happens when I copy and paste that command into my terminal after the $ it gives me the following error code. What should I do from here? Thank you so very much!

You need to type in the password correctly when it asks you for your computer’s password.

For security reasons the Terminal will not show you what you’re typing, so you need to be super careful when typing it in.

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Thank you both so very much!

I actually have one more question. Once I have downloaded homebrew onto my desktop, it wanted me to type brew doctor which I did, but it said that I would be looking for the words “Your system is ready to brew” and it did not. I tried the words brew help because I thought I needed to do that as well but I still did not get the correct response. Also, do I need to be concerned about the warnings that I received about having an outdated operating system due to mine being a macOS 10.10? I did a software update search on my mac and it said there were none. Again, thank you so very much for your time and consideration in this matter.

Hi, @makinlaw!

There are two warnings that you’re facing.

1. The macOS 10.10 Warning

This may be a challenging one for you. This is just an older operating system that brew and Apple don’t support any longer. It may have inadvertent side effects for you when you try to install certain packages. But it may not. Sadly, you’ll just have to keep an eye on your Terminal output when you install things and see how things go.

2. You’re running an old version of git

You can just type brew install git to fix this one. :+1:

Hope that helps!

@bryanray Is there any way to get a new operating system without buying a completely new desktop or macbook? Also, after I typed in brew install git, I believe it installed it, and then I typed in brew doctor again because I thought I was supposed to in order to make sure that I got the code “Your system is ready to brew” before I closed out the terminal. Attached is the response that I got though, so is there anything else I need to do before I close it out? Thank you again for all of your help!

There are ways, but it’s a bit of a lift. Your best bet is to Google for “Downloading older versions of Mac OS” … there will be a lot of articles out there. And homebrew requires a minimum Operating System of macOS High Sierra. So that’s what you’ll need to do some searching for.

Here is an example article. Keep in mind that this is a pretty advanced scenario for upgrading you laptop and there will be a lot of hurdles to cross along the way. Especially if you’re new to Mac.

Did you try closing down your Terminal application entirely and re-opening it? The old git binary may still be in your path. After you open it up, you can run brew doctor again and also git --version to see what version of git you’re using.

This may be one of those areas where having an older version of the operating system … homebrew is not able to do all the things it needs to do to get your system where it needs to be. :cry:

Hope that helps!

If I have a laptop that has the required higher operating system, but whose screen did not work. Would it be possible to use the running system of that laptop, if I connected it to my MacOs Desktop that I am currently working on and used the screen of the desktop? Or would it just be better to try and fix my laptop screen? Thank you again!

Hi again,

I apologize for keeping asking you questions, but a lot of this is new territory for me. I pulled out my laptop and discovered that it’s Operating System is Sierra. I know you said that Homebrew requires a minimum Operating System of macOS High Sierra. However, for purposes of completing these learning modules and App Academy, do I need to go ahead and purchase a new computer that has the most up to date Operating System? If you think I would be okay without it for now, how often and with what severity might there be issues due to having the Sierra operating system comparatively to High Sierra? Last question, if it is best that I go ahead and buy a new computer now, what specifications with regards to RAM, memory, etc do you recommend for people who hope to utilize this computer to its full potential as a software engineer? Thank you again.