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I have followed this video tutorial step by step. However, Everything I am told to type in Visual Studio, does not transfer to the Browser I am told to open in my terminal. I have re-temped several times.

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I’d love to help you troubleshoot, but it would be helpful to get a little more info to figure out what is going on.

  • Have you refreshed the browser after saving the html file each time?
  • Are your working on Windows or Mac?
  • At what point in the video did things start not working as planned (timestamp)?
  • Can you show the exact url you are going to in your browser?

I can definitely help troubleshoot with some more details.

Hello! Thank you for responding! I am working on a MAC Pro laptop. Yes I have refreshed my browser numerous times. In the video at 2:15, I am told to type open tags.html. The video shows a web browser opening. I did the same and mine opened. In the video, the instructor tells us to type etc etc. Then he has us type

This is a paragraph

. He refreshes his tags.html browser and it shows the sentence “This is a paragraph”. How ever, it will not show on mine. I spent hours last night trying to understand what to do. I refreshed the browser and rebooted and retyped. My HTML assessment was due yesterday, but I can’t get past the tutorial if this doesn’t work.! thank you!

Can you double check that you saved the file before refreshing? The little circle next to the file name shows that the content was not saved. Try saving (command-s or using the save button), then refreshing the browser, and let us know if anything changes.

Also, make sure all of your text in the tags is lowercase.

Any difference?

OMG! Thank you! I had no Idea I had to save before it transfers! I was supposed to be done with my assessment yesterday but could get past this one video because of that!
Thank you very much!

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Thank you Jesse! You took weight off my shoulders. I almost didn’t use this forum. Glad I did

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I just need you to know that the only reason I could pick that out is…I have made the same exact mistake MANY TIMES!

haha! I’m glad I am not alone with that and with good company!

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