Did I Guess Correctly What My Git Diff Means? - Git Assessment

I can’t say that I’m 100% certain what my Diff is telling me, but I made an educated guess as to what it means. – Missing the “.gitignore” and “.DS_Store”.

I went into my “drawing” branch to see if the “.gitignore” file was there, and it was. However, the “.DS_Store” was missing. And because I wanted to be sure if that was the problem (or part of it), I checked to see if all remaining branches had the “.gitignore/.DS_Store” and they did. I ended up fixing the issue in the “drawing” branch and committing.

With that being said, I’m afraid to submit it without having verified that I guessed correctly what the diff output means because I was hoping to have all of my “fail attempts” saved for Boolean Logic as mathematics was my downfall throughout my entire academic life, and now that I’ve already used up one attempt, I’m getting more nervous about the Boolean Logic Assessment.

Since, I am attempting to become a part of the next cohort on Nov. 2nd I don’t want to submit my next Git Assessment until it becomes absolutely necessary, or someone verifies I fixed my mistake(s) according to the git diff output. As I wait, I plan to continue onto the Boolean Logic module as to not waste time.

Yes, you are exactly right about the .gitignore and DS_Store issue. Once you fix that and save the change, I would just scan through the site.html file to make sure the images still match the directions / screenshot on the prompt. Then commit the changes to the correct branch and re-submit.

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