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Deleting a file

So I’m new to all of those. And I’m currently doing the French cooking exercise before diving into the learning modules material. I ran into an issue where when I moved French -cooking to british-cooking there was a duplicate British-cooking file. So in order for me to get to homework I had 2 British files in front of it.

Edit: I retried, I believe I got it need to check the folder.

Edit: still having issues. Now it goes British-cooking, French-cooking, Homework, menus and recipes. Still stuck

Hi Garrett, and welcome to the forum!

For an exercise like this, I would recommend re-starting from scratch rather than trying to move around files to correct the issue.

It looks like the root of the problem is that you moved the French-cooking directory inside the British-cooking directory, rather than making a copy of it. I would recommend looking at the lesson again and exploring the copy command cp to see if that approach might work to achieve your goal. There are several possible approaches for accomplishing the file structure you want, so I encourage you to try a few times until you achieve the end goal.

Let us know how it goes!