Debugger Not Working

For the debugging practice problems, no matter how many ways i try to run byebug, i can’t get it to operate. I followed the steps in the video to the letter and yet it still isn’t working. what am i doing wrong?

Hey Aaron. Did you put ‘require byebug’ at the top of the file that you are trying to use to run byebug. Also include the ‘debugger’ keyword somewhere in your code to tell byebug where to pause the code. Lastly, you have to run the code that the ‘debugger’ keyword exists in.

If you have already done all these things, can you give me a little more context in the steps that you take, to better assist you in this matter.

Yes, I have require ‘byebug’ at the beginning of the code and yes I have debugger just after the line “the code works to this point”.

I drag the folder to terminal. I install pry and byebug.
I try ruby lib/exercises.rb - raises syntax error right off the bat, debugger doesn’t stop the code.
I try load lib/exercises.rb - same syntax error:

lib/exercises.rb:66: syntax error, unexpected end-of-input, expecting ‘)’
from (pry):9:in `load’

Again, it doesn’t even get as far as “the code works up to this point”

It doesn’t look like it’s even recognizing the . existence of byebug.
It would have been faster to fix the code on my own at this rate

It’s not even running my usual self debugging tool; “dummy = gets.chomp”

byebug won’t go into effect if there’s a syntax error in your file, since your code won’t run at all in that case. Did you make any changes besides adding the require 'byebug' and the debugger statements?