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CSS/HTML: Transition and box shadow issues


I’ve tried rewriting this so many times but my box shadow doesn’t show up when I hover over the picture card.

I’m also having trouble aligning the “secondary text” in the correct spot.

My last issue is rounding out the edges of the content as in the example. I have tried rounding out two corners of the “desert” image but then there’s a white space left where the corner was.

Here’s my code:

Hi Mariel - good to see you again on here!

Have you heard about our new Discord channel? We now have a whole team of mentors who can help answer questions like this with voice chat and screen shares if needed. I’m going to DM you a link to join, and I recommend posting your question in there. It’s a lively space where you can meet a lot of other applicants (aka your future classmates!).