CSS HTML prep workl assesment picture card

Hey guys I am having a difficult time for the assement with picture card.

there was no tutorial on how to do one. the shadowing and all that stuff i get as i followed along with the text and once i get to that point i get it… i can get the images to pop up in general but not the way i need it to.

so the question is do i put both pictures in 1

i dont think that is right has they show up next to eachother. so i assume it would be seperate div… and the text goes in the second div with the lad picture. but the how do I exactly box everything in one div… and it says with card type as class… well i looked everywhere and typed class in VSC but nothing comes up… ive going through everything again… im just stumped on this and need some help. can i make
within a Div> so it looks like this to do the picture card. ive check all websites to help and seen one for card but it didnt really help and dont know if it goes in html or .css… im assuming the images go in html… and the i style in .css which i get… but then how do i create and link to that div with .css cause it isnt in the form
first image
second image text text text