CSS card + form alignment help!

So, my code is working well! Both the form and the card look as they should, but they are aligned strangely:

The form is top and center, while the card is at the bottom left corner.
(I’ve attached pictures)

Does anyone have advice on how to align them?

I’ve attached only images of my CSS code, under the (possibly false) assumption that it’s nothing in my HTML.

Hi Jack,
First, congratulations on getting this far!

I saw that you chimed in on Ayla’s post, and it looks like you are both running into similar issues. I posted a reply to that post in which I made some suggestions around looking at the parent-child relationships in the HTML and using that to help align elements.

Take a look at that reply, and let me know if that helps with your issue at all. If not, it would be helpful to see your HTML so I could see what each css selector is referring to in the HTML structure.

One final detail - just double-check your spelling of “label” on the css file.