CSS Assessment trouble with border

What I have so far.

  1. I followed the list of specifications.
  2. Looking at other people’s questions make me think I did this all wrong.


  1. How can I put a border around the picture and the text?
  2. I have tried putting in
    before and after the in html, as well as put it on its own line. I put the class name of the
    in CSS and define the border, color, width, height…etc but it never popped up. I tried adding a border for hours looking up different methods online but it never worked.
  3. Do I need to put a border around it and then add the transitional shadow?

CSS code

This is what it looks like. I’m a new user so they won’t let me post more than one pic per post.

Hi Melissa,

I have a couple recommendations for you.

First of all, its pretty important that your file names match the file names in the assessment prompt, so make sure you change them to match the file names / file structure in the image below:

In terms of the border, you can apply the border to an element that encloses all of the pieces that need to be inside, rather than applying it to individual elements. In your code, it looks like you would want to apply the border to the <div class="card"> element.

Here’s another post with a resource that might help in figuring out the border. The details you’re working on right now, in terms of the border and box-shadow, are aspects that you want to look similar to the picture in the assessment, but it’s fine if these aspects are a little different.


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Hello, so when the website says "All of your HTML should go into “index.html”. All of your CSS should go into “site.css”…that means that the HTML for the form and the picture card go on the same .html page and the CSS for the form and the card go on the same site.css page?

You got it. Exactly!