Creating Card for HTML/CSS Assessment

Hey guys!

I’m completing the HTML/CSS assessment but am having trouble actually creating the container (or card) that has both the text and the image in it that is required. I reviewed some great resources, but when I try out some of the suggested syntax into my CSS, it doesn’t seem to yield the result that I’m looking for. Right now I have a border around my desert image, but not around the image AND the text. Any suggestions?

Sorry if this is a redundant question, I appreciate the help! Thanks in advance!


Hi! Can you post the portion of code from your HTML file that includes the card container? That would help others understand the structure you’ve created.

Absolutely! Makes sense that you would need to see that too, woops! I just uploaded it now. Thanks again for all of your help!

Ok, I see now. You want to apply the class of “card” on an entire <div>, that encloses everything you want the card styling to be applied to. Right now, it looks like you have applied the card class just to an image. If you want to border around the image and text, then you would need to put the image and text inside the card <div>.

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That’s it! I knew I was close! Thank you so much for the help! I’ll make the suggested change and see how that works. This forum is truly a life saver. Thanks Jesse!


No problem! So glad to hear that you’re finding the forum useful.