Confusing Git Result

It will probably be easier to see just by taking a look at the screenshots, but I have this strange grade where my +++ issues are identical to my — issues. I was absolutely guilty of the ‘no extra line at the end’ issue, but everything else is catch-22.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hope everyone is typing away in very cozy spaces! : )

@@@ Master Branch @@@

@@@Pictures Branch@@@

@@@Together Branch@@@

Hi John,

The good news is, you are extremely close and this will be a really easy fix!

First, you are exactly right about the new line issue - so make sure you change that in the three branches.

Next, look really closely at the diff for the 3 branches, and you’ll notice an extra character / at the end of the line that starts with the +. Now look at your files - do you see the extra / at the end of the image line? This looks like a simple typo across the three branches, and if you remove it, as well as add the extra line to each branch, you should be in great shape. Just remember to save and commit the changes for each branch before moving on the next one.

Let us know how it turns out!