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Completely New to Coding. Would love some advice!

Hello everyone!
My name is McKenzie and I have recently graduated from college with a degree in Psychology. After discovering coding from a friend who has completed the App Academy program, I became very interested and made it a goal of mine to be accepted into the program!

I’ve completed the introductory course, took many notes and thought for sure I understood everything. I even went on over to CodeAcademy and took their Ruby course. However, once I got to the practice problems I felt completely lost and I am unsure where to even start. If there is anyone that would be willing to walk me through one of the practice problems or lend me some advice to a beginner, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

I’m completely new to coding too. I’ve been taking things really slowly and it’s been helping. When it comes to solving problems, I would read the required readings that has to do with that section in the the morning and then try to tackle the problems in the afternoon. Usually give it a day or three per exercise. If i have questions, then I just ask on the message board. Figured I was rushing too fast so took a 360, stopped at Tic tac toe and redid the first few exercises and now I’m on rspec 4… and it’s almost as hard as when I first did them but now i have a general feel to solving it. Also look into the Odin Project; it’s a free online web development course that is almost the same as the prep work (like 90%) plus additional readings.

Hi McKenzie,

I just left you a response here. But just in case you didn’t see it, here it is again (you’ll see that it echoes many of the things that Garick is saying above):

It sounds like you’re doing everything right! One goal of the prep work is to challenge you with problems that we expect you to get stuck with for a while. Just keep at it and expect yourself to progress very slowly. If you patiently sit with the material as long as you can, then you’ll keep getting better at it. If there are specific issues with specific problems that you’re stuck with, then we’re happy to help you out here.

If you want to read a book, then I recommend taking a look at Chris Pine’s Learn to Program.

Wow, what an amazing resource. And it’s all open-source? How long did it take you to complete in conjunction with the Alpha curriculum?

I’m just starting on the prep work for July cohort.