Change email linked for Alpha Course

Saw a couple people with similar problems. Linked my Alpha Course to Facebook, which has a different email than my App Academy online email/the desired email. Please help me make the change. The desired email is


Your account previously using your Facebook email has been updated and the duplicate account for deleted.


Thanks for the response! I think the fork is still currently linked to the bitbucket account associated with my Facebook account though. (desired bitbucket username is travelingpiano) Should I just make the change manually or will it be better for you to make the change on your end?

And on the same note, could you also change the GitHub account linked to me as the one with the desired email address just to keep things consistent (the current one should be


Hey Li,

We do not link your account with your GitHub account. We do however link to a BitBucket account to store all of your repositories forked from each project in the course. The link to this BitBucket account has been refetched using your updated email.


Ok. Mmm, so how does progress tracker work then? (think I’m having some problems where clicking on sign-in repeatedly takes me. to the register page, though I’ve registered a progress tracker already)

Also, could the fork process be undone? Since currently an error pops out about the repository not found
remote: Not Found
fatal: repository ‘’ not found

Just want to give this a bump. I’ve managed to go through much of the remaining Alpha Course, and I know this is a pretty small part of it. Should I just skip the first “ruby project” part?