Card Width Question

I’m having a really hard time guys.

I don’t understand what they’re asking for when they say they want a card. There has never been a lesson on cards. I’ve pressed CTRL + F to see if I missed the lesson where they taught about cards and there literally isn’t one. I know we are supposed to search ourselves online, but I’m getting card generators and I’m assuming they don’t want me to use that.

Here’s my card code so far.

HTML (spaces added so that code is visible)
< div class=“card”>
< Img src=“images/desert.jpg”>
< /div>

.card {
width: 344px;

The width is not changing at all. I don’t understand why.


Changed a little, but I know this is the incorrect solution.

< img src=“images/desert.jpg” width=“344px” height=“194px”>

Another update, after messing with it literally all day.

I do not understand why .card isn’t responding. What am I missing?

Make sure to put “” around you card class in the HTML.

@joshsomthin Changed that back, still no response.

Added a border of 20px to see if ANYTHING is responding and still no. Thanks anyway.

I would try removing the “fieldset /fieldset” around the card. It looks like you tried to define it with 0 border because that was your intent for the form. But it is getting that effect from the fieldset still.

I just gave up. I’ll write the code like they taught it and if it doesn’t work then :woman_shrugging: I’ve literally been at this all day trying to figure it out. Moving on to trying to make it a grid display cause I think that’s what they want.