Cannot open programs via the terminal

Whenever I create a directory and a file via the terminal it will not open. I am on microsoft 10. explorer.exe command will not show directory/file and when when I access microsoft visual studio via the shell, when I try to open the html/css program via the run option and via google chrome an error occurs. I get this message:
This site can’t be reached

localhost refused to connect.



and the error states localhost:8080

I cannot open any directories/files via ubuntu shell. After asking around I was told by someone that I have to use the command \wsl$ in my search bar and then go to ubuntu and home and I will find my file there. That is the only way that I can access any directories/files made via the ubuntu shell and through visual studio (when I get there through the terminal). Otherwise, it will not work. And that \wsl$ command will appear in the url when I am using html/css for the website. Anyone know if there is a way for this to change?