Can’t open big-and-tall.html in Chrome from Windows Ubuntu Command Line

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What is the command for the Ubuntu terminal in Windows to open an HTML file in Chrome?

What I’ve tried

I’ve made the directory media-queries. I’ve changed to that directory. I then used “code .” to open Visual Studio Code. I then created a file in Visual Studio Code named big-and-little.html as shown in the video. I switched back to the Ubuntu terminal and typed “start big-and-little.html” to open the file up in Chrome. It keeps saying
"Command ‘start’ not found, did you mean:

command ‘stat’ from deb coreutils (8.30-3ubuntu2)
command ‘rstart’ from deb x11-session-utils (7.7+4)
command ‘startx’ from deb xinit (1.4.1-0ubuntu2)
command ‘tart’ from deb tart (3.10-1build1)

Try: sudo apt install "



I think I figured it out. I used the “explorer.exe .” and then clicked the file from there to open it up in Chrome. Does this sound correct to anyone looking at this topic? What I mean, is there some other way to do it that I’m not understanding from the CSS video?

Could you try running the start command using the Windows PowerShell application for me?

Sure. Give me a sec.

So I did everything exactly the same as before (making the directory and then creating the big-and-little.html file in Visual Studio Code etc.). Once I used the start command Windows Power Shell, it opened it up in chrome right away.

What does this mean? Should I have used Power Shell instead of Ubuntu for that HTML video?

Hello bryanray,
I had the same (exact) problem as the initial post, I followed your instructions and ran
start big-and-little.html in Windows Power Shell after navigating to the correct directory in WPS. I believe this is what you were asking us to do, and my results mirror the prior poster’s linked image. That said, I still can’t seem to find a way to apply that in the Ubuntu shell within Windows. Are we meant to open it with exlporer.exe . and then just click the link?
I only ask because I know we’re supposed to be working on getting comfortable with doing many things through a command line instead of a GUI, and would like to know the correct way to do this through the Ubuntu command line for learning purposes. Please and thank you for your time and help if you’re able. :slight_smile: