Can I at least get help figuring out how to open the GIT branches in VS Code so I can fix failed assessment?

I simply need to know how to load the different branches and commits of HTML in VS Code. That way I can begin to at least try and understand why I failed the assessment. I would be super grateful for anyone that would be able to just tell me how to do that with the files in git-repo-management.

Thank you and hope you’re having a great day.


I recommend checking out this video :

Additionally, this reading goes over how to interpret your Git Diff regarding your assessment score:

For quick reference, simply open VS Code and open your assessment folder to view the order of your images in HTML.

It sounds like you’re close, and Git has an interesting learning curve.

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@Staff-Katherine Thank you. I knew about the diff page and have read it multiple times, but the video kind of got me where I can at least try some stuff now. It’s so much easier using the terminal in VS Code than switching back and forth between the Ubuntu Window and VS Code Window.

It is much appreciated.