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Bootcamp prep attempts clarification

As a reminder, you’re allowed 4 total attempts to pass the Git and HTML/CSS assessments. For the Boolean assessment, you must score an 11/14 to pass and have a total of two additional attempts to obtain this score.

i passed both HTML/CSS & Git assessment and getting ready to study and take Boolean assessment over the weekend. When above note says “a total of two additional attempts to obtain this score.

Is that mean we get 2 additional attempts on the top of the 4 attempts = total 6 attempts OR just 2 attempts?

Thank you!

my admissions councilor confirmed for me yesterday that we have 4 attempt on Git and html-css total
and separately we have 2 attempts at Boolean 11/14 to pass
hope this helps

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Yes this helps. Thank you Shannone!

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Did you get a link emailed to you with an invite the a/A prep-work channel?
this forum was moved over there so responses from a/A mentors may be delayed here xoxo good luck. Hope you crush your assessments!!

Yes, I did for the Discord channel for the a/A prepwork. Where are you in your prep-work?
Thank you