Boolen Project #1 2nd question ( grouping ? )

I am looking at the solution guide for the 1st boolean project. I am working on question #2. I am wondering if grouping # 2 is incorrectly grouped. It has a one square that is inside of group #1 that has a wrap around but it does not seem to follow the rules of grouping as it is no where near the other group #2. Can someone explain this to me?


Looks like it was a typo on the solution guide. Should read G3 ( not 2 ).

This confused me as well. That G2 in the top of the first column should be G3, not G2. And it corresponds to the wraparound at the bottom of that column with the ambiguous looking G3 typed in it. I hope that helps!

Ok. Thanks! I thought that was the case : )

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