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Boolean Question: Missing X in KMaps

Hey Everyone!

I’m working on the 2nd set of practice problems for Boolean, and was wondering which lesson we learned to solve for the missing parts of the kmaps? Specifically problem 2, I see that we are supposed to make two groups but I have no way of knowing I can make the second group until I solve for the missing X. Any guidance would be appreciated.



First, let me preface this with I could be very wrong but I’ll try my best to help!

If you’re talking about the “Boolean Algebra and Digital Logic Project 2”, I was in your same boat just a day ago and was able to finish the assessment a couple hours ago! Turns out that you don’t actually need to solve for anything. I believe the X’s represent something called “Don’t Care” cells and it’s actually up to you to set their values to 1 or 0, depending on what makes the problem easier for you. I typically went with the strategy of setting the values of X so I could get the least amount of the largest groups I could in the Kmaps. It’s a little weird at first but watching some videos online and some googling got me there.

I also checked the solution provided for the first 2 problems when I was a little confused and saw right away what I could do so hopefully this all helps!