Boolean Logic Assessment

This is my last attempt at taking the assessment and I want to be sure I pass this time.
I have tried checking my work multiple times and keep getting the same outcome that is incorrect on my exam. I am not sure what I am missing or screwing up. If anyone has some advice that would help greatly.

If x is TRUE and y is TRUE, what is ((x AND y)' AND (x' OR y')')' ?

  • Which of the following are correct for F(x, y, z) = xyz + x(yz)' + x'(y + z) + (xyz)' ?

  • If w is FALSE, x is FALSE, and y is TRUE, what is ((x OR y) AND (y AND w)') OR (x AND y' AND w')

What I’ve tried


Welcome to the community! We’re glad you reached out!

The key to solving these types of problems is to be meticulous and make sure you are simplifying ONLY one piece at a time, AND in the right order. Below is a really nice demonstration by one of our instructors, Curtis. Writing it out the way he does is a great strategy to make sure you’re not missing anything, such as a tick mark or a set of parentheses.

Starting around 06:20 -

@jbyers I am having the same problem. The video doesn’t seem to exist anymore on youtube. Do you have another link?

Hi Natalie,
This updated link should have the same lesson:
Boolean Algebra and Digital Logic - Boolean Algebra & Digital Logic Lecture Recording


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