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Boolean Logic Assessment missed questions

I just took the assessments and scored a 8/14 it never showed me which ones I got wrong, no email or anything either. How do I view which ones I missed?

Hi Taylor,
Unfortunately the system does not send an email with the questions you missed, but you do have another chance to take the Boolean assessment.

I’d recommend looking through the forum posts, and you will see the questions that applicants struggle with the most, and that might help you figure out which topics to brush up on.

I noticed in the forum that other people have a list of the ones they missed. Also do we get 3 tries for this assessment?

Hi Taylor,
You are right. We recently changed our process in regards to the Boolean Algebra assessment. In the past, you had to get a score of 14/14 to pass the assessment.

Now, you need to get a score of 11/14 to pass, and you have two attempts to achieve that score. But after changing the passing score to 11, we are unfortunately no longer able to see which questions were incorrect.

Let me know if any other questions come up!

I have simplified this one several times and keep coming up with the same answer.

F(wxy) = w’+wxy’

seeing as it is not an option my question is do I need to simplify further the w’ and w ? for wxy’ there is only one 1 in the group. Also for the first option of =w’(w+x+y’) would there be a reason the OR changed to AND since there is only one value in that group?

I also made sure to put the wx values in the correct order.

Hi Taylor,
I think you may either be using incorrect minterms, or perhaps you’ve made a mistake in simplifying. Can you take a screenshot of the groupings you used and show your work for any simplification that you tried? That would help us nearrow down what’s going on.

Alternatively, I would recommend trying out a different grouping strategy than you have been doing, and see what you end up with. With most K-map problems, there are many possibilities in how you group your 1’s, and a different grouping strategy might get you around your error.


Here is my work. I’m not seeing another way to group this one, unless I make 3 groups of 2 with one group sharing a value. from what I understand you are supposed to make as large of a group as possible. The second “group” is the one presenting an issue but being as there is one value there is nothing for me to simplify to get rid of that w.

for this one I feel like I’m getting lost in the parentheses. Does the bracket do something else other than grouping?

here is my work for this one.

Hi Taylor,
For your first problem, you are correct that you want to use the largest groupings possible, and it is also OK to overlap. I like that you grouped the block of 4 in your first attempt - this part looks correct to me. But, instead of adding just the single remaining 1, I would recommend making a group of two with the remaining 1 and the 1 directly above it. This will make simplification easier since the group of two will give you fewer variables to deal with in the second group…and it’s OK to have the overlap across your two groups.

For the second question, the brackets are just for grouping. I would recommend simplifying everything in the brackets first, then the second half of the problem, then put those two parts together as a final step. That might give you more space to spread out your work across the page by breaking it into smaller problems.

Another tip that might be helpful in large problems like this is to use multiple colors (or a pen and pencil). It is easy to mis-read a parenthesis as a 1, or a ' as a 1…but if you keep all of the letters and numbers in one color, and the symbols such as () and ' in another color, it can help to avoid these issues.

Try out these tips, and let us know how it goes!

I did the overlapping groups and got the answer pretty easy after that. I also did the different colors as you suggested and redid the 3 problems that are like that one I got a diffrent answer for the one with brackets. Now I’m just apprehensive to submit. I got an 8/14 the first time and after all my corrections I have came up with 5 different answers, I should have 6. from looking at the questions so much I fear I’m overlooking something super simple.

For the same kind of equations as I posted before are we supposed to use NAND gate? And if so i dont think I saw it in the lessons, and it was definitely not used to simplify in the practice test. Now that im looking up what that is and how to use it it seams to make things more complicated. Also what does Null mean? Im not sure how you would get another answer other than 1 or 0

while looking around in the forum i found someone else saying they missed
If w is TRUE, x is TRUE, and y is FALSE, what is ((w AND x AND y') OR (w' AND x AND y')) AND ((w AND x AND y') AND (w' AND x AND y'))' ?

While reworking the problem a few times I’m arriving at different answers. I am pretty sure this is the final correct answer.

I also had some difficulty with these. I answered these two questions TRUE and FALSE on two separate submissions and I got the same number of correct answers. It’s quite difficult to tell what you got right or wrong.

I’m referring to these questions you mentioned:

a. If w is TRUE, x is TRUE, and y is FALSE, what is [((w OR x) AND (x AND y')) OR ((w OR x) AND (w' or y'))] AND ((x AND y') AND (w' or y'))'?

b. If w is TRUE, x is TRUE, and y is FALSE, what is ((w AND x AND y') OR (w' AND x AND y')) AND ((w AND x AND y') AND (w' AND x AND y'))' ?

I also worked out the second question you refer to (noted as element a. here) as FALSE.