Boolean Expressions

Hi everyone,

I just took the Boolean assessment and had trouble solving for Boolean expressions to see if they were True, False, Null, etc.

What is the best way to work through these problems?

During the assessment, I wrote out the expression and plugged in the values. I went back over my work and I think I see where I went wrong, but I want to make sure this is how I’m supposed to work through the problem.

Thanks everyone

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Welcome! Sounds like you’ve narrowed down the issue to a certain type of problem. Can you post an example of one question you struggled with? That would help others be able to explain how they approach that type of problem.

Hi! Sure. An example would be…

If w is FALSE, x is FALSE, and y is TRUE, what is ((x OR y)’ AND (y AND w)) OR (x’ AND y AND w)` ?

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Ah, I see. Honestly, the key to solving these problems is to be meticulous and make sure you are simplifying only one piece at a time, and in the right order. Below is a really nice demonstration by one of our instructors, Curtis. Writing it out the way he does is a really nice strategy to make sure you’re not missing anything, such as a tick mark or a set of parentheses.

Starting around 06:20 -

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Got itThank you so much for your help!