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Boolean assessment attempt clarification

Evening All!

Back again to clarify a couple things, again this may be a dumb question, but that’s not a bad thing right?

This is in regards to the Boolean assessment and the amount of attempts we have for it. From my reading of the allotted amounts, we have 4 attempt for the first two modules, then an additional two for the last module. From my reading of this, say you failed twice for the first two modules then passed; this would mean that you have 4 attempts left for the final module.

Is this reading correct? Or is it two attempts or you are finished? Apologies for the dumb question, I just want to be sure!

Hi Max,
This is a very good question!
The attempts for the Boolean assessment are completely separate from the attempts for the other assessments. For Boolean, you can only take it twice, so if you fail the first attempt you have one more chance to pass (regardless of passes/fails on the other assessments).