Boolean algebra

Learning Challenge: Boolean Algebra

Question: For the first project for Boolean algebra, problem number 4, there are 4 groups that are created as shown in the answer guide and is screenshotted here. However, I can’t figure out why there isn’t a 5th group under the last column where there are 4 vertical 1s?

What I’ve tried: I know all of those ones are already part of 2 different groups, but they can overlap, so wasn’t sure if this is a mistake or if there’s a reason why that column isn’t a group.

I was just watching this video on KMaps and that is the same example that Curtis (the instructor) used. That’s ^ the link to the video.


That was really helpful. Thanks for sharing! I wish they went over logic gates in the video cause I had questions over those!

You are the real MVP for this. I stared at my computer for 3 hours yesterday trying to figure this out and this video summarized it perfectly in an hour.

so helpful, feeling much better about k maps now.

Thank you

Wow :star_struck: this video is a gem thank you! I just started learning this for the prep course and this video is way better at giving you a foothold of understanding than all the other YouTube videos I’ve been watching. Much easier to understand.