Boolean Algebra Kmaps

I am lost with the Kmaps! I can’t even understand where the numbers on Kmaps are coming from. For example, F(x, y) = x + y ; it’s Kmap has an X with a downward arrow and a Y with a forward arrow in the same block, then it has a 0 and 1 in two separate blocks. and underneath these three blocks are the values.

Hi Giiaga,
Are you trying to figure out the format of the table? In the example you’re describing, the x with the downward arrow shows that the row headings are the two possible values for x (0 and 1). The y with the forward arrow shows that the column headings are the two possible values for y (0 and 1). The other boxes are all showing the output of different combinations of the input values (x or y)…just like a multiplication chart, or a punnett square from biology class.

Thank you so much for your reply. I figured out what it meant. And yes I was trying to figure out the table’s format.