Boolean Algebra Help

So I think I understand the basics of boolean algebra. Where I get lost is when I try to understand how on truth tables certain truths are grouped with other truths. basically I’m confused on how do you tell which 1’s to group together to help create the function of the table. I originally thought it was don by which ones have a common variable that was the same in both 1’s but i see that they don’t always get grouped that way and I’m just not really understanding what i should be looking for.


I hope this is a little bit of help…I am certainly not an expert…but I did pass the boolean algebra part!! So my simple explanation is :
You are only grouping the 1’s (you know that part already) and they have to be a power of 2 (or 1 can be alone). So you can’t group 3, but you can group 2 4 8 16 32 (you won’t need that many for the assessment but just keep in mind they are powers of 2).

The other thing to remember is that the rows and columns can be moved, but ONLY if 1 number in the row/column is changed. You can have 00, 01, 11, 10 next to each other, but you cannot have 00, 11.

In the assessment, I did it in a spreadsheet so I could easily drag and drop rows and columns. You can do it on paper but it just takes a bit longer. Also I realized I was missing something because the answer I came up with was not one of the choices. But I looked at what I came up with and compared it to the ones that were in the choices…and that helped me to regroup them a little. My hint would just be to keep moving rows and columns and you will find one that has more groups of four 1’s. Also…just to make it extra challenging lol…you can wrap the 1’s around the columns and rows.

I hope that helps…I’ll keep an eye out for a response if you need more help! Good luck and you can do it :slight_smile:

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I appreciate the help!