Boolean Algebra Digital Logic Project 2 Help

I am trying to solve Project 2 question in which i am having difficulties in creating logic gates.
Questions :

The inputs are just w, x, y, z and they can only be what they are on the rows (w, x) and columns (y, z).

The green on the left showing (w= 1, x= 1) and (y= 1, z= 0) show that if this were the case, output would be 0 (where 1,1 and 1,0 intersect on the truth table). This can be a way to check your work if your logic gate makes sense. If you streamline your truth and false and see that it eventually narrows down to the “OR” gate right before the 0, you are met with 0 and 0 at the OR gate. a= 0 and b= 0 at the “OR” gate results in 0 as the output (since “or” means if both inputs are 0, output is 0).

X(0) and X(1) inside the truth table can just be whatever you want them to be JUST so that you can make the truth table MORE simple. To show that this IS the best/simplest way/function, I replaced the X(1) at the far left with an X(0) (making it so that you cannot draw the 2 by 2 rectangle in the top middle of the truth table, and it gave F (x, y, z) = w’x’ + w’yz + x’z’ (the w’x’ term is for the row I drew, and the w’yz term is for the vertical 1 cell by 2 cell column I drew) which is a more complicated expression than F(x, y, z) w’z + x’z’. Which means that if you were to draw this circuit out in real life, it would have to go through EXTRA steps to get to the same destination, making it less efficient. Hope this helps.