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Boolean Algebra and Digital Logic Project 1

I am doing the Boolean Algebra Project 1, and I see this kmap

Can anyone explain why the right column is not a group? Also I did not know that the four corners count as a group

Hi Eric,
Great question! The key to remember when working with K-maps is that there are usually several possible grouping strategies that could work, not just one. So, you are correct that the four ones in the right column could be a valid group.

In general, you want to find a grouping strategy that includes the smallest number of largest groups, that includes all of the ones. This makes it a little easier to simplify, but other grouping strategies that include all of the ones can also work.

Yes, you can use the four corners as a group. This works because if the columns and rows were rearranged, those ones could actually form a continuous group of four. As an experiment, you could try rearranging the chart so that the column headers are 01, 11, 10, and then 00. That makes the ones that used to be in the corners right next to each other. If you rearranged the rows to be 01, 11, 10, and then 00, you would then see those same ones as a group of four in the bottom right corner of the k-map.

So, overall, there are multiple approaches to grouping when you tackle these k-map questions. Just make sure you’re following the rules presented in the lessons…but it’s OK if you use a slightly different grouping strategy.


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