Blocks and Iteration section feedback

When I went through it, the chapter about blocks and iteration seemed out of place and cobbled together. I felt that the section about iteration could have been merged with the control flow section as both deal with while loops and iterators.

The block section, however, seemed worthy of its own chapter. That way, it could go over blocks, procs, and lambdas individually – specifically how one builds methods that take them – and have exercises to help build understanding of this vital part of Ruby programming.


I wholeheartedly agree with this. Procs and lambdas are in desperate need of practice exercises, especially since the first assessment specs point pretty strongly in that direction.

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Thanks for your feedback folks! We’re releasing a new version of the curriculum today that reworks this section a bit. We hope you find that it clears up blocks/procs a bit!

(For the record, we will not use lambdas specifically at any point in the Alpha or main courses - just blocks and procs.)

@oalvarez can a Blocks/Proc quiz be added to the course? I just reviewed the Blocks section and still have some lingering questions – a quiz with examples like we’ve done in previous sections would be very helpful to solidify my knowledge!

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agree with all above, blocks and procs needs specific exercises

I agree that blocks and procs could still use more resources. I’m still having difficulty with procs and blocks. I have a shaky understanding of it, and I am still having difficultly with questions such as Bubble Sort found in RSPEC 2. I would like to see easier questions related to blocks/procs and then transition into more difficult problems. Thank you!