Block Quiz cannot be passed

Hi all,

I am having the following issue with the Block Quiz:

Despite having selected all the correct answers, I can never formally “pass” the quiz. At the bottom of the page the button always suggests to “Retake the quizz”.

Has anyone encountered the same?

Same here (Alpha Curriculum - Reduce quiz).

Looking into Quiz completion issue and will get it resolved ASAP. For now, please use the quiz as normal and try to get 100% before continuing :nerd_face:

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Hey Kevin, I’m having the same issue w/ the Scope Quiz. I got answered everything correctly however it continues to ask me to ‘Retry’. Has this issue been resolved?


Howdy Kevin, I too am having the Retry to 100% error on the Array Quiz. I have gotten 100% many times, but cannot mark this as completed.

Thank you